People ask us all of the time, “Is Poasttown School really haunted? Hundreds paranormal investigation teams, many psychics and mediums all agree that there are a few spirits who chose to remain in the hallowed halls of the old Poasttown School. Watch and listen to the evidence and you decide for yourself.

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Submitted to us by Chuck from TRIPS Paranormal. This Audible Voice of a little girl was heard by several people. There were no children in the building. This little girl’s voice is heard a lot throughout the building by many paranormal teams.


In this video taken by the Whisman’s security system, watch the right hand side of Darrell’s bed (your right – his left). You can see his leg get pulled, waking him up, and then pulling him out of the bed.


Anyone who has been to Poasttown knows the school is very secured and has security cameras set up everywhere inside and out. This was picked up by one of the cameras in the main hallway.

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The photo below is a physical result of what happened to Darrell the night after the door opening video (above) was recorded.

Darrell's INjured Head