Poasttown School has had many Celebrities and Paranormal Groups visit our facility.
Below is a list of some of the people who have visited:

Augusta, Andrea Walsh, Beth Fontaine, Cincinnati Paranormal Research, C.H. Paranormal, Creepy Legends, Columbus Ghost Hunters of Indiana, Hindsight paranormal, Southern Ohio Paranormal, Ghost Hunters of Indiana, Montgomery County Spirit Masters, Brad & Barry Klinge (the Klinge Brothers From Ghost Lab) Creepy Legends, Bars Paranormal, Denise Spingler and Diamond, MID-OHIO (MANY CELEBERTIES), Kelli Arany (no kill animal fund raiser), Lake Erie Paranormal, Spirit of Pennsylvania, Beyond This Life, I See Dead People, Cornerstone Paranormal, Chris Maggard T.S.P., C.R.E.E.P. Paranormal Detection Group, Erica Beringer, Steve Whittmer, Cambell County Paranormal, C-Bus Paranormal, Kentucky Hillbillys, Paralell Truth, Brink Paranormal, H.O.P.E., Knot Paranormal, T.O.G.A. Crossover Paranormal, O.R.B.S. Ghost Finders of Indiana, Wabash, Ohio undead Society, ResonanceParanormal, Dawn Knopp-P.S.I., East Side Paranormal, Michelle Duke, D.O.G.S., Letichia Smith, Calib Whiteman, Trista Wallace, C.T. Paranormal society, The Booth Brothers, Keith Age L.G.H.S. , Aron Houdini, Kentucky Ghost Project, Mike Trent, Outer Limits, P.A.R.S., H-Town Paranormal, C.O.P.S., West Virginia Ghost Investigators, Michigan Paranormal, Ravens Crest Paranormal, Living Dead Paranormal, Dark Moon Paranormal, Indy 24-7, Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers, Ohio Prism, Kettering Spirit Masters, Appalachian Paranormal, Creepy Legends, Adventure Myths, N.O.P.S.S., Rick Hayes, Patrick Burns, Rosalyn Brown, John Briteman, Vinny, Joedy Cook, Bell Nursing Home, Morrison Lodge, Callie Sherrill from Stanley Hotel, Shannon the Historian, Three Paranormal, Tiffany, E.V.P. Society, The Skeptical Edge, Kettering Paranormal, Fostoria Paranormal Investigations, Derby City Paranormal, Wildcat Paranormal, S.T.A.R.S Paranormal, Kat Lang, Resonance Paranormal, Luci Leiberfield and Anthony Agate of Paranormal Review Radio, Chuck Manning and Jerry Williams of Going Beyond Radio, EastSide Paranormal, Mystic Nirvana, Kitsie Duncan and Chris Jay of Oddity Files, Cradle to The Grave, Paranormal Distraction, Love & Light Paranormal, S.O.P.I , Women In the Paranormal, Wysteria Paranormal, Central Ohio Paranormal Research Society, NightShade Paranormal, M.O.M. Paranormal, Whisper Estates, A.P.E.R., Eric Bebe, Combs Family Paranormal, Michelle Lee, Jill Berry, Johnathan Jergenson, Matisha Leach, Para Adventures, Jane Bryant, John& Angie Johnson and friends, A.P.E.R. Dave Goldinger, Whispers Estates, Eric Bebe, Aaron Bilbrey, Proximity paranormal, Got Ghost inc. of Ohio, Cindie Lyall, Deb Hoffman, Barrett Paranormal Invstigations, W.T.H.W.T. Bobby Tingle, Ville T.V., Delta para normal, Stillwater Paranormal, Teresa Watson, M.S.P.S., Just Say Boo Paranormal, Eirie Voices Paranormal Society, The Rhoads Hotel, Nikki Young, Charles Hathaway, Lindsay Reed, Last Rights Paranormal, Haunted Cincinnati Tours, P.I.N.K. , Poppananna Paranormal, Ursula Kalin, S.P.A.T.S. Paranormal, Spirit Chasing Ladies, Deja Boo, Ghost Hunters of Erie Michigan, Paranormal Seekers of Indy, Ghost-R-Us, Next Life Paranormal, Boos Trails, Ghost Files, Ohio Paranormal Research Association, Odds and Ends Paranormal, The Joneses, Plumcrazy Paranormal,Family Affair Paranormal, P.R.I.S.M. Epic Star, Daywalkers, Cincinnati Ghost Seekers, Interface Death, Kentucky Spirit Seekers, Kentucky Paranormal, Indiana Ghost O.P.S. Connie Gatchel, Haunting Memories, Family Affair Paranormal, Schlobig Panormal, Mid Ohio Paranormal, The Jonses, Randy Bell Paranormal, Odds & Ends Paranormal, Indy Afterlife Paranormal, Ohio Paranormal Research Association, R.U.S.H Paranormal, O.P.R.A., Dustin Pari (Ghost Hunters), KJ McCormick, Professional Paranormal Investigations, Ohio Ghost Hunters, IAS, Haunted Cincinnati Tours, EK Paranormal Investigations, NCPI, SCPI, Haunted Cincinnatti Tours, Rush Paranormal, Southern Indiana Ghost Hunters, 4 Amigos Paranormal, 502 Society, Valley Ghost Chasers, Kentucky Investigators Paranormal Society, Inuit Paranormal, Poppanana Paranormal, New Life Paranormal Investigators, Ventures Paranormal Investigations, Live Paranormal, Zinzinnati Geist Jager, Stand Strong Paranormal, Friends from Ashmore Estates, The Golden Girls, Gate 13 Paranormal, Detectives of the Unknown, Stand Strong Paranormal, Madison Faculty, Five Rivers Paranormal, Fortuna Paranormal, Paranormal Exploration Society, In Tune Paranormal, Mid-West Ghost Society, Live Paranormal, Para Expeditions, Big Country, Rockos Funhouse, Chris & Crew, Smart Paranormal, True North Paranormal (Canada), Paranormal Occult, Gatekeeper Paranormal Society, Southern Paranormal, Indy Afterlife Society, American Hauntings, John Tincher, Wayne Fostoria Genoa Paranormal Investigations...